How to set up smart DNS on Roku?

Roku, one among the best streaming service is now available in the market to stream your favorite movies and videos online. The latest models of Roku devices like Roku streaming stick, Roku express, Roku express +, Roku premiere, Roku premiere + and Roku Ultra provides you best streaming quality.


Access to the service is restricted using an automatic region detection technology. Using the smart DNS service, it is possible to change the location and even the users outside US can access it.

To set up smart DNS on Roku

A DNS account is essential to set up a DNS on Roku, Once you register for an account with smart DNS service, you will receive new DNS settings automatically. Setting up a smart DNS on Roku becomes an essential step in Roku activation.

You can now configure the settings on your Router. Here are some of the simple and easy steps you can follow to setup Smart DNS on your Roku.

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The setup procedure varies depending up on the model of the router

  • The first step is to disconnect your Internet from your Roku device.
  • Now go to the administration page of your router with the help of an internet enabled device.
  • Enter your credentials like username or password.The credentials are also available in your router’s manual.

Registering IP address with smart DNS provider

  • Sign in to the client area from any of the devices that are connected to your Router.
  • Follow the setup instructions which are provided.
  • You can now click on the activation link, once you have completed the setup instructions.
  • Add your IP address now to start activating your DNS settings.

To add the IP address manually

  • It is also possible to add the IP address manually by typing my IP address on Google.
  • Note down the number which is displayed on your screen.

Instructions for adding the IP address to the data base

  • Instructions for adding your IP address are provided clearly on your DNS Service website

DNS service is now ready to use

  • Once your DNS service is ready to use, you can set the region to the USA and sign in your account.

Creating a Roku activation account

Creating a US Roku activation account is an easy process.

  • Go to and click on the Sign in link
  • Now select the create account option and enter USA when the page prompts you to enter the country name.
  • Type your email address, password, and PIN which is authorized for Roku store purchases.
  • You can now enter the details of your credit card.

To complete the Roku activation set up

  • Restart your Roku device now and perform the Factory Reset.
    • Go to settings >Select Factory Reset
  • Follow the onscreen instructions on the screen to sign in to your new US account.

To change the DNS settings during Roku activation

DNS settings can be found under your Network settings. Settings are also provided by your Smart DNS provider.

  • Press Ok now and click on the save option to save the settings.
  • Restart your router before you proceed with further steps.

You can now follow the above guidelines to set up DNS service during your Roku activation process.

If you still find any difficulty in following the above guidelines, you can call us on our Toll-Free number 1-855-729-8080 and our network support team is here to assist you.